Hotel Garni Liesl

In the heart of Längenfeld

The Hotel Garni Liesl is located in the middle of the Ötztal Alps

If you look up, you will not only see deep blue mountain sky, but peaks that stretch out to the left and right of the sun. The Ötztal opens up between these peaks and forms a fantastic valley at 1,200 metres above sea level. During the summer, the landscape is lush green with fragrant meadows and forests and a never-ending wealth of plant life. During the winter, the fauna rests under a snow cover.

The Hotel Garni Liesl is located in the middle of Längenfeld next to a lively babbling mountain stream near the chapel of St. Nepomuk. The idyllic mountain village Längenfeld offers the perfect infrastructure; you will find everything you need in the town centre: sports shops and grocery stores, a petrol station, as well as the Ötztal Tourism Information. Experience Längenfeld during the summer or the winter and explore the area on foot, on mountain bike or on skis.